Internal Garage Range

These fantastic new plans all include double internal access garaging.

These transportable home plans all include a double garage that is built on site once the home is delivered. Select either a more Classic design with a gable roof or a Coastal look with a mono pitch roof. Whether at the beach, farm or city simply step out of your car and straight into the comfort of your own home. Perfect for those rainy days or when you have groceries to unload. Provides plenty of extra storage, perhaps for your boat, bike or tools. Plans start from 130 m2 for a more compact site, through to over 180 m2 with plenty of room for the whole family.

Key advantages of the Keith Hay Homes internal garage range:

The new internal garage range is designed for the house to be built in a Keith Hay Homes building yard. The home is then transported to site and the internal double garage and access will be built at this point. Some of the advantages of building this way are as follows:

  • By constructing the main part of the house off site, the “on site construction time” is drastically reduced.
  • The cost of excavation and removal of soil  is significantly minimised as this is only required for the garaging. The house is placed on piles in the natural ground without any major excavation.  
  • Due to the reduced excavation area, the need for expensive resource consents is greatly reduced. Most sites have restrictions on the amount of soil that is able to be excavated.
  • The cost of large retaining walls can be heavily reduced as these are often only are required around the garage and not the house.
  • When building these homes as long term investments, in areas that have future development opportunities, the house can be easily picked up and transported to another site to allow for new developments. In some cases a relocatable home company can also move an existing garage, though this is not guaranteed.

Individual branch conditions apply and all house and garaging are available within 30kms of a Keith Hay construction yard. This radius can be extended dependent on region.  Please contact your local Keith Hay home consultant.