Why Transportable?

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Keith Hay Homes is New Zealand’s pioneer of transportable homes.

Transporting House

Our Keith Hay Homes are built in our nationwide construction yards and then transported to your section and finishing touches made on site. Whether you have an urban, rural or coastal property, a Keith Hay Home can be transported to your site subject to road and a site inspection.

If we do find that there are access issues, it is no problem for us to build directly on your site.

The benefits of this type of off-site construction are significant:

  • Quality control: Building off-site in a controlled construction yard, with more constant supervision, allows for improved efficiency, less wastage and greater quality control.
  • Minimal disruption:  By building offsite we minimise noise for your neighbours and ensure a safer environment for contractors and the public.   Any existing buildings can continue to be used right up until the house is ready to deliver.
  • A smaller carbon footprint: More efficient use of materials and fewer deliveries and trips to the site reduce the environmental impact.
  • Minimal impact to your land: By building off site we also minimise waste and environmental impact to your land.
  • Cost efficiency:  Our construction yard is a level, all-weather construction environment, resulting in less weather-related delays for more efficient building.
    If your site is located in a remote coastal or rural area you may also find that labour is scarce and travel costs for builders to go to your site are prohibitive. A transportable home, built off site can be a more affordable choice.
  • Quick build times: Minimal delays and maximum efficiency means you’ll be in your home sooner and face less rent or finance costs.