Why Choose Keith Hay Homes?

There are dozens of reasons to make your home a Keith Hay Home.  Here are some of them:

We’re New Zealanders too: We’re a New Zealand owned and operated business and support communities throughout New Zealand. We use locally sourced products - no cheap imported imitations.

We listen: We take the time to listen and understand your needs and desires, to build a home that works for you, within your agreed budget and timeframe.

Our expertise: We’re experts so you don’t need to be.  Our Home Consultants will work with you to address all important considerations.

Customer service: Our motto is success through satisfied customers and to date we have more than 50,000 happy customers to our credit. Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help.  We put our customers first.

Stability: We are a fully owned family company, we’re not franchised.  We operate with no external debt, so you can have confidence in our stability.

Our reputation: Keith Hay Homes has over 85 years of industry experience.  We literally stake our name on our reputation - Keith Hay Homes has been owned and operated by the Hay family for three generations.

Our values: Our business is built on values of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and innovation.

Quality: We use quality products from reputable providers. You can expect the same high standard of workmanship you see in our show homes. By building in a controlled environment we can closely manage the quality control of the build and minimise delays.

Affordability: We are the market leader in low and mid priced house design and construction.  Our purchasing power, standardised specifications and long-term relationships ensure our homes are great value for money.

Stress-free project management: We can manage the project for you from start to finish.  You can stay as involved as you want to be and we’ll take care of the rest.

Flexibility: Our plan range offers a large number of choices to allow you the flexibility to suit your personal requirements.

A healthy, energy efficient home: Our homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind. All windows are double glazed and all of our homes are insulated to a higher standard than what is required by the NZ Building Code. Ensuring a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home.

Innovation: Keith Hay pioneered the transportable home market and we continue to lead the market through our strong culture of vision and innovation.

Quick build times: Our large selection of pre-designed homes mean we can build your home quickly and efficiently.  If you want a home in a hurry, we also have a selection of pre-built homes ready to transport to your site.

Minimal site interruptions: By building your home in a construction yard we minimise damage and debris on your site as well as construction noise for your neighbours. We can also build on your site if you prefer.

Peace of mind: We have a solid history of quality workmanship which stands the test of time.  Our buildings are backed by a five year personal guarantee by Managing Director, David Hay.

If you have any questions about Keith Hay Homes, please speak to one of our Home Consultants on 0800 Keith Hay (534 844).